White Oak Farm

Other Services

Free fertilizer!  Let’s face it, if you have horses, you have a manure pile.  We like to keep ours as small as possible by giving it away to anyone who needs some good fertilizer for flower beds or gardens. You can have as much as you want for free as long as you are willing to come load it onto your vehicle and book of ra kostenlos spielen org.   Click the contact us button for inquiries and as long as we have some available we’ll be happy to schedule a pick up time with you.

Canine cuts for summer!  We also offer canine summer hair cuts to help keep your dog cool in the hot sunny weather.   Prices range from  $50 to $65 depending on the size of your dog.  We have 7 dogs to keep groomed on a regular basis, so we get a lot of clipping practice.  Click the contact us button for inquires and we’ll contact you to schedule an appointment or provide more information.